Dragon's Head Tutoral

NOTE** This tutorial is set up so that all but the first pic shows the newly drawn lines in red.
All the black lines are to show you the lines that were used to begin with. Enjoy!!

***All pics can be clicked on to see a bigger, more detailed version***

I started with drawing a single diagonal line for the top ridge of the muzzle, then drew a basic line for the front part of the snout(noze and tip of the maw) and then frew the back of its head in.

All I did in this one was add the lower part of the maw. Alot like the first lines I added, but just flipped, and drawn to a different proportion.More like a slightly taller profile of a crocs head.

I added a single line for the basic shape of the mouth as well as a small cleft in the corner of his mouth.

I added the eye ridge here and drew the tip of the muzzle more to the way i wanted it to be( like my muzzles shaped) and then defined the lower and upper lip ridge, then drew in the chin, gullet, and mandable(the cheek) more to my specifications.

I added a horn on the top of his head and a smaller one from his cheek.. Then the general shape of the eye, his nostril, and added some plates to his neck and drew in the other side of his neck.

Here I added the top ridge of his cheek, the lips around the two horns, and decided to bring his plates further down his head and to his snout.

Now here you'll see some blue dotted lines. These are guidelines to help make sure the detailing and defineing lines flow with the structure of his head. The red lines, as always, are the solid lines I end up adding in. These are defining/detailing lines accept the solid lines for the eye opening.

And there you have it. Finished dragon head. =)