This commision is for one character and the content is more or less open to anything except blood, guts, forced rape, oh, and humans of course, hehe^,,^ This commission can being either a penciled, inked, or colored piece. The price of the final piece will be determined by which of the above the commissioner choses.

Base price of a commission is $30.00. And this consists of one character as a penciled drawing. Anything else that the commissioner would like added, is priced individually and is added onto the base price of $30.00. Shipping is a flat rate of $5 per order period. This means if you ordered 5 commissions at the same time, or just one, the shipping will always be $5.

Inked and Cleaned Drawing(Free if color is ordered)
+ $15.00
Colored Drawing(Applies per character)
+ $35.00
Each Aditional Character:(Free if color is ordered)
+ $15.00


**Example - If you wanted two char's, colored, it'd be $30 base, and $35X2 color, so a total of $100

Now, if color is chosen, it includes the original being inked (for free) and the coloration will be computer done in photoshop. And does include a full color 8X10 print on high quality glossy paper.) Wether it's a pencil, inked, or colored, all aspects of the physical drawing will be snail mailed to the winner.

Oh, and please email all requests to Thank you^^